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Toba Inlet

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This little piece of paradise lies in a picturesque bay at the mouth of Toba Inlet, a deep fjord, northeast of Campbell River. The marina is nestled near a cascading waterfall at the foot of steep mountains with the docks having beautiful views in every direction. Our well-maintained landscaped uplands are yours to enjoy

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On The Water

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We have quiet, friendly docks in a well protected, picturesque bay with over 1400 feet of moorage. There are trails to hike for the exercise the boater may crave. We always try to ensure that even if our docks are full it has an intimate, relaxing feel here.


Things To Do

With the benefit of being located on the northern extreme of the Sunshine Coast weather patterns, Toba Wilderness is more often than not, the very definition of the "Sunshine" Coast . Low cloud and fog over the summer is a rarity here! Here you can do as much or as little as you wish.


Toba Wilderness - Your Break, Away!

When you need a break from the rat race, we invite you to come and slow the pace. We are a small facility located in a quiet corner of the world allowing for truly peaceful relaxation in a beautiful setting. Here you can do as much...or perhaps more importantly, as little, as you wish.